I remember my first design job: a scientific diagram of a fish, with the body parts labelled. The project began as a classroom exercise, which I knocked out fairly quickly. Some of my classmates liked what I had done, and before I knew it there was a queue forming and I was working on their diagrams too. I was nine years old.

It was some time before I followed up with formal study in design. In the meantime, I followed another very strong calling and became a journalist, working for ABC News and Current Affairs and SBS Radio for several years.

I have more than twenty years experience in a variety of media and visual communication fields. The desire for a more creative and flexible working life prompted my move to graphic design, digital media production and illustration.

I am currently employed as a Digital producer and illustrator with e-learning company Sprout Labs. Any given week I am producing podcasts, creating motion graphics explainer videos, illustrating (often very technical) concepts for learning modules, designing the UI for learning management systems or proofreading and creating design templates for ebooks. Previously I have collaborated with Small Island Studio, and have worked as an animator and illustrator with Blue Rocket Producations.

Clients I have worked with:

Symphony Australia

Tasmanian Electoral Office



Medicines Australia

IP Australia

IPONZ (Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand)

IPM Safety

Zoos Victoria

Berry Street

Tasmanian Department of Education

Tasmanian Department of State Growth

Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet

Kaigi Conferencing and Events

Conference Logistics

Dental Hygienists Association of Australia

TADTas (Technical Aids for the Disabled Tasmania)


Disability Care Australia

Hobart Optometry

Ecological Society of Australia

Pew Environment Group Australia


Conservation Council of Western Australia

The Freelance Collective

Dr Richard Eccleston, Political Scientist

Jude Graveson, Textile Artist