E-cards or traditional cards: which are better?

If you’ve been participating in the holiday season, it’s likely you’ve been part of the seasonal exchange of greeting cards. Most are traditional paper-based cards, although there are also plenty of e-cards landing in in-boxes at this time of year. That’s no surprise, as many of us are spending increasing amounts of time communicating via electronic means. But are electronic greeting cards an acceptable alternative to the paper-based variety? Would you consider sending them to business clients, friends and family?

Here are six reasons in favour of both paper-based and electronic greeting cards.

Traditional (paper-based) cards

  1. They’re nice to receive in the post, especially if addressed by hand;
  2. A hand-written message conveys a personal touch;
  3. A collection of cards is fun to display at home or work;
  4. A small gift such as a voucher or movie tickets can easily be slipped in with this type of card, if you send such gifts to clients;
  5. Paper-based cards can be recycled;
  6. There is the scope to choose from a range of inks (e.g. metallic inks) and paper stocks (textured, layered) or other materials (e.g. ribbons);



  1. These are cheaper, easier and faster to send;
  2. They can range from a single image to an animation or animated game: interactive cards can be fun and memorable;
  3. They’re an eco-friendly alternative to paper-based cards;
  4. A small gift such as an online voucher or free download can easily be incorporated with this type of card;
  5. E-cards can be designed for viewing via email, a web page or on a mobile (cell) phone;
  6. People who will be travelling away from home during the holiday season are more likely to receive a card if sent via email or phone contact

Christmas cards and the like are a long-standing tradition and a great way to get into the spirit of the festivities. Can the tradition extend to electronic cards? What do you think?

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