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The internet is a fantastic resource if you want to improve your Photoshop or Illustrator skills. These days there is a big range of quality sites devoted to tutorials for major graphics software. I thought it was time to look at what’s available online for people who want to get back to basics and brush up on their drawing technique.


Drawspace houses a massive collection of tutorials for beginners through to experienced illustrators. The scope of the classes is impressive. You must register (which is free) to view most of the modules. There is also a forum to showcase your work or others who inspire you.

Dani Draws

A blog devoted to illustration and tutorials. There are some good ideas for drawing projects here, as well as useful how-to articles on fine details like drawing facial expressions.

Illustration artist Von Glitschka produces tutorials on to produce his cartoon-style vector illustrations for various different formats.


Hundreds of male and female nudes in various poses for drawing reference. I especially like the (optional) grid feature for each pose. This site comes with a daily pose widget too!

More illustration tips can be found at the following sites:

  • Only Pencil
    How to draw realistic people and animals
  • Tom’s MAD blog
    Caricature and cartooning tutorials by MAD magazine artist Tom Richmond.
  • Karmatoons
    If you’re interested in learning how to draw for animation, this very basic site offers a crash course in the techniques.
  • Veerle’s Blog: From Sketch To Finish
    If you’re ready to turn your creations into computer graphics, Veerle explains in this post how she goes from initial sketch to completed digital artwork.
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